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BUCID - Business Compliance Integrity Defence©

Compliance and Integrity Risk Management Methodology

Based on proven approaches and years of experience, EICE has developed a methodology in an area where we see many questions and challenges in practice, mostly related to the lack of methodological knowledge and practical tools to identify, evaluate, and mitigate compliance and integrity risks. This process starts with the collection of relevant data and the assessment of compliance and integrity risks.

The compliance and integrity risk assessment is a foundation for the planning and execution of other tasks and duties of the compliance function. An effective compliance management system is risk approach based, which allows us to allocate scarce resources wisely. At the same time the risk-based approach allows us to focus on those aspects of compliance and integrity and related threats, which pose greatest potential losses, while – when well managed – provide the business with a number of competitive and other benefits.

Business Compliance Integrity Defence - BUCID Methodology, No. EISEP-MEP-301, includes:

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