Become a member of the EICE professional community

By joining EICE, each member also becomes a member of the ICA global professional community.

The EICE Professional Community Membership Program enables the existence as well as the operation of this independent and non-for-profit institute, in a way that we can provide quality professional support to our members. Through its work, EICE also seeks to influence more widely, with the aim of helping to create a better institutional and business environment especially for those of you who have committed yourself to doing business to higher standards.

As part of the membership program, we prepare trainings and professional meetings, enable networking and provide support, as well as various professional resources and tools. The main contents and membership benefits are presented in the table below.



Corporate Flexi Premuim Bonus



ICA membership, level Affiliate

ICA membership, level Associate (for those members who have or are going to obtain an ‘ICA Advanced Certificate’, organized by EICE)

15% discount for ICA certification

Compliance Tuesday (short monthly online meetings - for members only)

Compliance Breakfast (at least three times per year) in cases of epidemic restrictions, the event will take place online

Free access to EICE's boutique library

20% discount on other paid EICE events and
30% discount on annual event in EICE organization
(We are planning a regional consultation of compliance experts in 2022, scheduled for the end of September, 2022)

Free registration fee for the annual compliance and ethics event organized by EICE, for one person


Corporate Flexi Premium
premium Bonus



20% discount for internal training, made to order - at the request of the member

8 hours of individual compliance coaching and 8 hours of compliance training in the field of compliance program management (professional help or ‘compliance coaching’) and 8 hours of internal training, according to the needs and wishes of the member (according to the needs of the member, this ratio can be adjusted and benefited proportionally in his affiliated companies as well).***

Tools package

- template of the annual work plan in the field of business compliance

- the framework for the procedure for accepting and further processing reports of irregularities received through the internal reporting channel  

Access to professional resources and practical tools of European network of compliance professionals, which EICE is a member of - as each will be available

Professional assistance in the preparation of a specific periodic work plan in the field of business compliance, made to order (up to 8 hours)

General support: Informing members about important and current topics, content from relevant professional fields (newsletters, access to author's professional articles and examples of business compliance), assistance to members in connecting with other experts, guidance on individual issues

Publication of the member's logo on the EICE website

Group benefits - within one corporate membership****

*(For more information about membership, please write to ICA awards the certificate in cooperation with Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester. Training for all certificates and diplomas in 2022 is still carried out entirely at a distance, through the new ICA learning platform. A special application form is provided for EICE members, in which the member enters the promo code and thus applies for the EICE membership discount. Training is conducted in English. Please check general terms and conditions of membership in the professional community EICE for more information. For more information please send us an e-mail to

** For all payable events (eg annual event, webinars) within the framework corporate membership, the membership discount is used by every employee of the member, as well as employees in smaller companies from the same group (from Slovenia or another country).

*** Regarding the implementation of individual professional assistance and training within the supplement "Corporate flexi premium", the individual member and EICE will be coordinated individually in terms of time and content. The member can allocate hours according to their needs between professional assistance and education (where one hour of education is equivalent to three hours of professional work, as the time of preparation of custom educational materials must be taken into account in internal education). The member can allocate the fund of hours according to his needs in several parts during the year, provided that at least three hours at a time must be used in each implementation (it can also be two hours if it is a remote implementation).

*** If a larger company in a group of companies is a corporate member of the EICE, smaller companies in the same group (in Slovenia or abroad) can enjoy the same membership benefits for their experts (within the quota of the number of corporate membership representatives).