Become a member of the EICE professional community

By joining EICE, each member also becomes a member of the ICA global professional community.

In 2018, EICE opened a new chapter in the development of the compliance professional community, as we entered into a strategic partnership with ICA (International Compliance Association), based in the UK.

By joining EICE, each individual member or any professional who benefits from corporate membership, also becomes a member of the ICA global professional community, Affiliate level..

ICA is a world-leading regulatory compliance organization that awards global qualifications in compliance, risk management, governance, money laundering and financial crime prevention. It has issued 120,000 certificates in its history, and the ICA professional community includes professionals from 112 different countries from all over the world, who exchange experiences and opinions on a daily basis.

EICE has also become a local partner for certification programs, awarded by ICA in collaboration with Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester.

Membership in the EICE professional community will now, even more than before, reflect your commitment to continuous professional development, commitment to the highest standards of the profession and your professional reputation. Organizations with such professionals gain even more credibility in ensuring compliance and business ethics.

We are also indicating the recommendation that ICA members complete at least 10 hours of training per year (CDP - Continuing Professional Development)ang. CPD)), either by the ICA or through training organized by EICE or other relevant training recognized by the ICA.