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EICE has already established itself in the professional public as a recognizable professional provider of high-quality training in the field of compliance and business ethics.

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In the annual plan, we prepare a training program for the general professional public, according to international trends and the development of the profession, interesting examples, the interests and needs of the professional community and the latest good practices.

EICE also prepares trainings specifically tailored to the individual client, on various thematic sets of compliance and ethics, as well as for various target groups of employees and management.

Our experts, carefully selected from the domestic and international environment each time, have many years of extensive practical experience, as well as knowledge and skills for the implementation of various forms of education, such as:

  • classic lectures with practical illustrations and discussion,
  • workshops,
  • consultations,
  • simulations or role plays.

We are also experienced in providing internal training for various target groups, and in particular for:

  • Operational and commercial staff,
  • Professional and support services,
  • Middle and senior management,
  • Management and supervisory bodies and for
  • Foreign contractors, agents and brokers.

For all target groups, and especially for the highest management bodies, we perform using modern approaches and practical illustrations in the field of compliance and ethics. In doing so, we take into account the sectoral legislation governing possible thematic specifics and responsibilities of members of management and supervisory boards, the latest international standards of corporate governance and relevant areas of compliance risks. All from the point of view of the role of management and supervisory bodies in the compliance management system, in accordance with established good practices and international standards (such as ISO 19600: Compliance management systems, ISO 37001: Anti-bribery management systems, OECD Good practice guidelines on internal controls, ethics and compliance…). Where indeed we are considering the needs and desires of the client.

Professional content in the field of compliance and ethics can also be prepared so that it can be included in the agenda of your existing internal training for the general internal public, new employees or various target groups of employees and management.

Corporate members are given a special benefit when ordering custom in-house training. Read more about the benefits of membership in the EICE professional community here.

For more information and to arrange your next internal training tailored to you, contact us at: info@eisep.si.

You can also contact directly the president of the institute that runs the educational programs, Andrijana Bergant at andrijana.bergant@eisep.si.