EICES's appeal to the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in Slovenia

In the event of publicly disclosed irregularities in the procurement of protective equipment due to the COVID-19 epidemic in Slovenia, we addressed a public call to the leadership of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption in Slovenia to protect the whistleblower in the procurement of protective equipment. (24.4.2020) (24.4.2020)

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EICE presented an initiative to establish a compliance and business ethics program

At the end of the week of the fight against corruption EICE presented an initiative to establish an effective program of compliance and business ethics in Slovenia in all medium-sized and large companies and in all state bodies, organizations, universities, health care institutions and other public law entities, following the example of established good practices and international professional standards.

The full text of the initiative is available HERE.

We invite all relevant state departments, important public law institutions (such as universities, UKC Ljubljana, SSH), other relevant bodies and institutions, as well as professional and business communities in Slovenia to activate in this area and to express support for the initiative.

The idea of the initiative is to expand the practices of systematic and professional management of business compliance and general integrity in Slovenia to establish a framework within which private and public law organizations will be able to effectively detect, prevent and take action against corruption and other illegal and unethical activities, which does not belong to the positive image of Slovenia, a developed, successful, competitive and just society or the international prosperity of our economy, country and citizens. (15.12.2017)