EICE also supports the professional community by preparing template documents in the field of compliance and ethics as a practical tool. Most templates also contain guidelines on how to fill in their content individually.

In preparing the templates, we take into account established international standards, good practices and our own empirical experience from cooperation with the domestic, as well as regional and international professional and business community.

So far, we have prepared the following template documents:

  • Business Compliance Policy Template, which contains specific guidelines for filling your personalized content, while the basic framework is set to include the guidelines of the ISO 19600 standard: Compliance Management Systems - Guidelines; Compliance Management Systems - Guidelines;
  • Code of Ethics template includes those content areas of regulation that are most commonly contained in codes of good practice. At the same time, it also guides you on how to fill content to your liking;
  • The Corporate Compliance and Ethics Incident Crisis Plan will guide you through the individual steps in completing the content, which are key to getting the organization ready in advance to respond effectively when something goes wrong. In addition, after at the end includes checklists that will focus you on the most important ones;
  • Methodological questionnaire for solving the most difficult situations at work in the field of compliance, together with empirically the most common such cases. The questionnaire will help you identify a specific problem and then prepare to address it by confronting relevant people. Experience shows that in this way the level of stress we experience when working in the field of compliance is greatly reduced when we find ourselves in some difficult situations (e.g. we are required to sign documents with which we do not agree, we must communicate in critical business agreements unpopular opinion, we solve a case in which management is involved, etc.). At the same time, this method significantly increases the likelihood that we will be able to turn the conflict into constructive cooperation. We emphasize that the materials at this point do not contain any developed solutions or universal recipes, but are merely a guide on how to prepare the best problem-solving strategy for your case.
  • Manual on conducting internal investigations. With this publication we want to define a professional standard in the field of appropriate and professionally expected response in case of compliance and integrity violations, following the example of established international standards and good practices and arising from legal standards, key to determining liability for misdemeanors and their responsible persons. As such, it can therefore be an important resource for management and supervisory bodies, auditors, as well as regulators, inspection services, the judiciary and other state bodies in the exercise of their supervisory or audit function. Fill out the online form below, through which those interested can submit a request to receive this guide.

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