Prijave na poletni Skladni zajtrk o trajnostnem poročanju, 20. junij 2024 so odprte!


May 30 and 31, 2024, Hotel Convent, Adria Ankaran Resort

Has it ever happened to you that in the last quarter of the year you realize that you have three quarters of the annual plan left to finish and you end the year hectically?

Have you set the implementation of activities in your annual plan in the field of compliance as if you have five colleagues and a top IT tool to support the management of the compliance system, but in reality there are only two colleagues in compliance, and you can only use general computer programs in your work, like Word and Excel?

You may wonder whether you are planning 'enough' compliance reviews, or whether your planned education and communications activities are addressing the 'right' risks and objectives. Not sure if you should be doing more or less or something different in your compliance and corporate integrity work, how others are doing it and how you can even evaluate the result of your work at the end of the year...?

At this year's Symposium for Compliance Professionals, you had the opportunity to discuss all of this and collaborate with your colleagues, who - just like you - have similar challenges and responsibilities for leading or implementing the compliance function and corporate integrity program.

EISEP Symposium, an in-depth workshop and retreat for compliance professionals held on the Slovenian coast, May 30-31, 2024!

Through guided guidance, based on proven methods, at the end of the meeting you had your own individual professional product that you could use directly and confidently in your work in the field of compliance and ethics business.

The topic of the first symposium was:

Operational plan for the implementation of the annual compliance and corporate integrity plan

We will connect the operational planning process with the very goals of business compliance and corporate integrity, which are important in your organization.    

5 reasons why experts from many important Slovenian companies and other organizations attended the Symposium


After confirming the registration for the symposium, everyone received an EICE template of the annual work plan in the field of business compliance and corporate integrity.


With the direction of the program manager at the meeting, you were able to supplement your annual plan according to your judgment and need, and above all, define some strategic activities that you wanted to focus on, to achieve the desired results and an efficient year 2024!


Together we thoughtfully and operationally planned more detailed activities and steps, required time and other resources and methods, including performance and efficiency evaluation methods, which you need for a good (operational) implementation of the outlined priorities in your annual plan on in the field of compliance.


At the meeting, you also received further prepared materials (EICE templates) for the preparation of individual own operational plans (OP) - at your own discretion and choice:

  • OP for the implementation of training and awareness-raising activities in the field of compliance and integrity
  • OP to perform compliance checks
  • OP to carry out a compliance and integrity risk assessment or update
  • OP for planning the phases of compliance with the expected regulation.


During this process, you gained insight into the planning process and into the content itself, which tasks and activities are carried out by other experts in the field of business compliance from various activities during the year.

At the meeting, the participants used their own annual work plan in the field of business compliance, and on this basis created a more detailed operational plan for its implementation.

Participants who may not yet have an annual compliance plan, had the opportunity to prepare either in advance with the help of the EICE annual compliance plan template or at the meeting itself. Preparation for the meeting was not necessary, but with the help of the EICE template, it is easier for those who wanted to prepare something in advance regarding their annual plan and thus make better use of the operational planning process of the actual implementation of this plan at the meeting.  

The meeting took place under the expert guidance and guidance of the president of the institute, in the form of lectures and joint consultation and work in groups.

»Best intentions only, with lack of planning and execution do not help actual organizational compliance and ethics.«

Course of the Symposium

Location of the Symposium

Manor Convent, Adria Ankaran Resort

Prize game for Symposium participants

We have also prepared a prize game with a challenge for all participants of the Symposium, with three prizes, namely: