What is #circleoftrust?

#circleoftrust is a special professional meeting modeled on the "Master Mind" method ™. It is adapted to lower time availability and is intended for additional networking between members of the EICE professional community even after the meeting.

Unlike #Compliancebreakfasts and other EICE professional meetings, only members of the EICE professional community attend. The aim is to create a feeling of mutual acquaintance among the members and a better atmosphere of trust and collegial help. For #circleoftrust, each participant prepares up to two concrete questions or dilemmas: in an hour and a half, the participants then exchange them in moderated discussions and advise each other on how to solve them. Until the next meeting, participants in random pairs each exchange one professional question or dilemma and e-mail addresses and agree to pre-debate matters in a week or two, perhaps even over coffee or a working lunch.

If you would also like to connect with colleagues in this way, we invite you to become a member of the EICE professional community. If you have not yet joined (individually or corporately), you can do so by filling out the application form, which can be found here .