The first annual conference was held on 29.9.2015, in Bled, in cooperation with IEDC Business School Bled and UNGC Slovenia . This was the first educational-connecting event of its kind in Slovenia. Alongside the conference, EISEP also prepared a short educational-presentation video. Mrs. Barbra Rudmann and mag. In a sympathetic dialogue, Andrej Šercer sheds light on the importance of managing compliance risks, EISEP President Ms. Andrijana Bergant, briefly introduces the institute. You are invited to visit!

8.30 - 9.00: Reception of participants      

9.00 - 9.20: Introductory speech

Danica Purg, President of IEDC - Bled Business School and UNGC Slovenia

Andrijana Bergant, President of EICE

9.20- 11.10: Compliance function within the internal management system

a. The framework of a modern model of internal management

Mag. Andrej Šercer

  • basic architecture, description of elements and principles of internal management; an explanation of the role and relations of the three lines of defense

15 minutes

b. Framework of the compliance function management system through the prism of ISO 19600: Compliance System Management

Andrijana Bergant

  • an explanation of the management scheme of the business compliance system on which the ISO 19600 standard is based
  • showing a picture of the basic processes of the compliance function - 20-minute workshop with participants

30 minutes

c. An example of good compliance management practices from the region

  • illustration of the management of the compliance program from practice

Igor Mitrovski, NLB Tutonska banka, d.d., Skopje

  • when compliance becomes part of the sales process

Barbra Rudmann, Johnson & Johnson MD&D

2 x 20 minutes

Dialogue with participants; Questions and answers

25 minutes

11.10 - 11.30: Break

11.30-12.20: Ethical risk management in organizations

Prof. dr. Mollie Painter Morland

  • an organization based on value management
  • assessing organizational culture
  • the role of responsible leadership

35 minutes

Dialogue with participants; Questions and answers

15 minutes

12.20- 13.20 Risk in the field of personal data protection as one of the most important areas of risk in the future

Robert Bond

Presentation of the forthcoming single European regulation on personal data protection under the new EU Regulation

  • key elements of the OP protection system under the new EU regulation
  • the system of envisaged sanctions and cases from practice for which the worst fines can be imposed (even up to 100 thousand euros or 5% of global turnover)
  • načelo samoprijave in vloga pooblaščencev za varstvo OP

40 minutes

Dialogue with participants; Questions and answers

20 minutes   

13.20- 14.30: Lunch 

14.30 - 15.20: How to apply internal audit methods and procedures in the practice of the compliance function

Tatjana Habjan

  • demonstration of the use of basic tools, methods and approaches of internal audit on practical examples
  • risk assessment approach, audit preparation, audit methods, testing of internal controls, risk identification, making and monitoring recommendations

35 minutes

Dialogue with participants; Questions and answers

15 minutes

15: 20-15: 40: Break and arrangement of groups for workshops

15:40 - 18:10: Workshops (2 × 75 min)

* In the first 20 minutes of each workshop, the moderators will present the basics: approaches, processes, tools and case study, tasks and challenges to be solved by the groups. Each group will be assisted by a moderator; the group will prepare its solutions in a maximum of three points, which will be presented to others at the end of each workshop.

15.40 - 16.55: Workshop 1

Simulation of solving real cases from compliance practice

Main moderator: Aleš Kranjc Kušlan

  • dilemmas in identifying indications of serious fraud and the involvement of senior management,
  • the role of the compliance function in cases of harassment and moral violations in the workplace  
  • when the rules and principles of compliance and ethics are contrary to the (short-term) interests of the business

The work will be carried out on the basis of pre-selected examples from practice without the use of real names of persons or names of companies.

35 minutes

Presentation of conclusions and solutions of the workshop 1

20 minutes

16.55- 18.10: Workshop 2

Compliance and ethics risk analysis through a case study (exercise)

Steven Grubb

  • presentation of the approach to managing the business compliance system after risk assessment
  • demonstration of the process of performing analysis and assessment of risks to compliance (and reputation) using the simplest as well as advanced methods
  • presentation of a case study in which participants carry out a risk analysis with an action plan - in groups

35 minutes

Presentation of conclusions and solutions of the workshop 2

20 minutes

18.10 Conference Conclusions

18.30 Dinner and socializing

We are connected with a network of excellent experts from Slovenia and abroad

Of the foreign experts we will be able to hear at our conference, we are the first to introduce you to Mr. Robert J. Bond from the UK, a legal expert and author in the field of personal data protection, among others, with more than 36 years of international experience. He is on the list of the top 10 IT lawyers and among the best lawyers in the UK for 2014.

Steven Grubb is an established speaker at international conferences on governance global compliance and ethics risk management programs, due diligence of contractual partners, the introduction of a culture of compliance and ethics, and effective internal investigations and actions. Steven has extensive experience setting up compliance programs in large multi-national corporations. He also dealt with British and American regulators in management positions in the company. His previous jobs include Diageo Corporation, where he was "Global Compliance & Ethics Director" and British Petrolium, as » Regional Compliance & Ethics Director, Asia Pacific « .

Mag. Andrej Šercer has a master's degree in law and is a respected expert in the field of corporate governance, who performs the function of director responsible for risk management and compliance in Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica. He was previously employed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, is the chairman of the Business Compliance Committee at the Slovenian Insurance Association, the author of numerous articles, a lecturer and a member of the Supervisory Board of Luka Koper, d.d.

Tatjana Habjan is a univ. graduate economist, a certified internal auditor, as well as a state auditor and a certified accountant. He has been lecturing and advising in Slovenia and abroad for many years. She is a member of the audit committees of Slovenske železnice, the life insurance company ERGO and a member of the supervisory board and chairwoman of the audit committee of Elektro Celje. She is a co-founder and director of EISEP and with her knowledge in the field of auditing and especially her knowledge of fraud indicators, she makes an exceptional contribution to the developing profession of compliance in Slovenia.

Aleš Kranjc Kušlan is the founder and director of the Ekvilib Institute and CSR Company Adria. He is also the initiator of the Network for Social Responsibility of Slovenia. He is a lecturer and consultant in the field of social responsibility and the founder of the Family-Friendly Company certificate. With the areas of business integrity, business ethics and human rights in business, they constantly monitor his long professional career. He is a co-founder of EICE.

Andrijana Bergant is a consultant in Center for Business Compliance and Integrity Strengthening in NLB, dd, before that it had been building the business compliance function in the largest Slovenian insurance company for almost 7 years. She has an international CCEP-I certificate, in whose expert committee she later sat and worked in it for three years. She is a member of the advisory board of the editorial board of the international journal Compliance and Ethics Professional, the author of numerous articles and a lecturer at domestic and foreign conferences in the field of compliance and business ethics. She is also a co-creator of the Declaration on Fair Business Practices and the Slovenian Corporate Integrity Guidelines, and a co-founder and president of EICE.

Igor Mitrovski is the Head of the Business Compliance and Information Security Department at NLB Tutonska banka, Skopje. He has been working in the field of business compliance since 2010, before which he was in charge of information security and is a graduate of computer science (Computer Science and Automatics). He lectures at events in Macedonia and Kosovo in the field of personal data protection, business continuity and is certified for the control and management of the information security system (ISA / ISM). He is a member of the Business Compliance Committee of the Association of Banks, under the auspices of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce.

Barbra Rudmann at Johnson & Johnson runs our business compliance function for healthcare . She is also a member of the Johnson & Johnson Board of Directors for Southeast Europe. Previously, she held senior management and executive positions in this and two other companies since 2000, also in the field of marketing and sales. She says entering the profession of compliance and ethics more than three years ago has opened the most doors for her so far. At the American Chamber of Commerce, he chairs a working group on corporate ethics and transparency. She is the author of several articles on the topic of leadership and development of people, published in the newspaper Finance and the magazines Manager and Entrepreneur. She is also a regular lecturer at the Academy of Direct Marketing at Studio moderna and the author of the e-book: How to become a winning leader. He also writes a blog entitled:

Prof. dr. Mollie Painter Morland is a professor at IEDC-Bled School of Business, responsible for ethics and responsible leadership at the Coca-Cola Department of Sustainable Development, a full professor at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University. Prior to that, she was Assistant Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Professional Ethics, De Paul University in Chicago, and Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship and Professional Ethics at the University of Pretoria. Mollie is a frequent visiting professor at other European institutions, and in her research work she focuses on organizational culture, leadership and ethics in complex organizations. Mollie is actively involved in integrating ethics into graduate and undergraduate programs, teaching subjects: responsible leadership, ethics. Mollie is the co-editor of Springer's "Issues in Business Ethics" series and the director of the "Academy of Business in Society (ABIS)" for Africa. He also serves on the Ethics Committee of PwC South Africa and European Business Ethics.

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