In our model, in which we take into account internationally established elements of an effective compliance and ethics program, as well as our many years of practical experience, we include 8 elements and for each 2 to 5 performance indicators. In this way, we can assess your business compliance program using a relatively objective method, compare you with the model of the optimal compliance program and with relevant examples. We also advise you on further improvements with concrete activities and approaches on how to achieve them.

The reasons why companies opt for external, independent performance evaluations are as follows:

  • Fulfillment of requirements for an assessment of the compliance program (by owners, supervisors, business partners);
  • Obtaining objective professional assurance that the company has an appropriate program in place to protect against financial and moral losses due to non-compliance or integrity breaches;
  • For the purposes of stakeholder reporting, which obtains higher credibility as a result of such an assessment;
  • Obtaining a higher level of program quality, due to comparative evaluation;
  • Providing additional professional support to internal staff in maintaining a quality compliance management system;
  • An additional guarantee for management and supervisory bodies that want to effectively demonstrate that they carry out due diligence on business, thus also making it easier to protect themselves from possible legal liability and sanctions in formal proceedings.