EICE will be the leading professional organization and partner for the implementation of compliance and business ethics in Slovenia and the surrounding region.

By bringing together compliance and business ethics professionals and related professions from different sectors in Slovenia and the surrounding region, EICE supports the development of this young corporate function and profession according to best practices and professional standards and taking into account the characteristics, needs and benefits of the local environment; in doing so, EICE contributes to raising fairness and professionalism and helps to level the competiteveness field in the surrounding region.

EICE helps organizations in Slovenia and the surrounding region to improve their compliance and ethics risk management competencies, which will help these organizations strengthen or restore their reputation, stability and trust; In this way, they will also strengthen their ability to interact with Western partners regarding the high requirements of compliance and business ethics, which are increasingly becoming a (pre)condition for various forms of business cooperations.


1. EICE becomes the main center of experts professionally engaged in the field of compliance and business ethics and related professions in Slovenia and the surrounding region, to which it offers:

  •  an opportunity for direct exchange of knowledge and good practices,
  • networking with various Slovenian and international experts,
  • the platform of influencing the development of the profession and compliance and business ethics practices in Slovenia and the surrounding region,
  • a safe and confidential environment to support the challenges we face in our day-to-day work,
  • continuous responsibility for maintaining and improving professional knowledge and skills in the specialized field of compliance and business ethics.

2. EICE will also become a central hub for compliance and ethics professionals as well as managers and supervisors, building communication bridges, opening discussions on current topics and continuously partnering them to meet growing challenges in international legal, economic and social environment, due to which the compliance and reputation risks are greatly increased, as well as increasing responsibility organizations together with their management in our region are also exposed.