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On November 5, 2014, a presentation of the newly established European Institute of Compliance and Ethics (EICE) took place in the Plaza Hotel in Ljubljana. Experts in the field of compliance, law, internal audit, personnel matters, corporate communication, social responsibility, as well as representatives of market regulators and public administration responded to the invitation of the organizers. At the two-hour event, the vision of the institute was presented, which is aimed at uniting the profession and building bridges to key stakeholders in the process of building an even greater corporate culture in Slovenia, namely managers, supervisors and capital owners. The director of the institute, Tatjana Habjan, emphasized that even more active cooperation is needed for the changes. A critical mass of committed, active, professional and mature people is needed to help restore confidence in the profession and the economy.

However, experts within the newly established institute will not stop at the private sector alone. The risks to corporate integrity and the occurrence of damage due to inadequate management of all types of risks also exist in the public sector, which ultimately has at its disposal our common, public money. As one of the key projects in the coming year, they have determined the introduction of the concept of the Commissioner for Compliance in Slovenian municipalities.

Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc, GEC Risk Advisory
Mojca Markizeti, IEDC Business school Bled

In this regard, the President of the EISEP Council, Andrijana Bergant, said that this is one of the tools that the institute will develop and offer to municipalities, as well as other public bodies. We need to start changing the environment in which people mistakenly believe that it is necessary to give up legality and fairness in order to be operational and effective. The institute brings together 17 domestic and foreign experts who will guide the work of the institute, research and respond to current challenges, thus helping to develop and understand the importance of the compliance function and the profession of business compliance in Slovenia. Director of the Insurance Supervision Agency, Mr. Sergej Simoniti said: "The compliance function also protects the company from the management itself, which, due to the nature of its work, must take risks." The role of the institute Mr. Simoniti sees in the fact that, through practice and theory, it will substantially fill the standards in the field of ensuring compliance, and thus place the role that management and supervisory bodies play in this.

Of course, education plays a key role in the development of competencies. Ms. Mojca Markizeti from IEDC Bled Business School expressed the partner's support of this reputable educational institution for the EICE's plan for the introduction of the corporate certification program.

The field of business compliance is - not only in Slovenia, but also globally - still in development. Undoubtedly, most good practices come from the USA. At the event, we had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a Skype conference with a distinguished international expert, Dr. Andrea Bonime-Blanc, who presented elements of an effective compliance program and reputation risk management tools. "I am convinced that the efforts of the newly established institute will pay off in the future in the form of progress of the entire Slovenian economy," said Dr. Bonime-Blanc in a video broadcast.

Andrijana Bergant, EICE