Our team are experts on how to prepare internal acts adapted to the organization in the field of business compliance, through a thoughtful process of their creation and in dialogue with stakeholders, taking into account all the necessary effects and adjustments. In doing so, we take into account relevant external requirements and international standards.

Typical policies and procedures that form the formal basis of compliance and ethics programs are:

  • Code of conduct and code of ethics (which can be combined into one document)
  • Politika skladnosti poslovanja. Kateri lahko sledi tudi pravilnik o delovanju funkcije skladnosti, s podrobneje določenimi nalogami, postopki in pooblastili.
  • Business compliance policy, which can also be followed by the rules on the operation of the compliance function, with more detailed tasks, procedures and powers
  • Internal rules on prevention of conflicts of interest and corruption
  • Internal rules on prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Rules on the conduct of internal investigations, with pre-defined types of violations and consequences
  • Rules regarding the operation of the infringement reporting line and the protection of a bona fide complainant

If the company already has such rules and procedures in place, but the latter sometimes do not give a satisfactory answer to the problems that arise in compliance program management, we can also conduct a review and propose changes and amendments to these acts.

If may also be facing a large number of internal acts in general that cause you headaches due to opacity, disorder, obsolescence or because your employees do not even know what is written there. We can help you set up a system of effective and proven internal policies and procedures management system.