Regular professional meetings are intended for EICE members, as well as other interested professionals and representatives of other organizations. Compliance breakfast and Compliant Tuesdays are free for EICE members, as the price is already included in the annual membership fee.

Regular EICE professional meetings are Compliance breakfasts, Annual conferences, Compliant Tuesdays and workshops.

At regular professional meetings, which are already planned in the calendar of events for the whole year in advance, we discuss various current and key topics such as: the position of the compliance function in the organization, characteristics and challenges of compliance professionals, managing conflicts of interest, business ethics, modern standards of compliance management, the standard of due diligence in practice, compliance and risk management, how to effectively communicate compliance and ethics, etc.

Therefore, regular professional meetings are one of the important tools for fulfilling the mission of our institute, as they serve to connect the profession of compliance and ethics with other professions, with managers and internal as well as external supervisory bodies. The compliance function in the organization works as an inter-area and is intertwined with every other function at every level in the organization. The tasks and responsibilities of this function are an intertwining of the expectations and needs of all stakeholder groups. A comprehensive understanding of the role and tasks of the compliance function and the involvement of all areas and functions of the organization in the compliance process is therefore essential, if the compliance function in the organization can effectively fulfill its core responsibility to add value and strength to another line of defense. Compliance and ethics risks are those, whose effective management can significantly help to improve the protection of organizations against ever new failures and the associated material and moral losses. Compliance and business ethics must become a part of the corporate culture, as many international documents in the field of internal management write. Practice shows us that a compliance and ethics program can also help an organization to restore the damaged trust of stakeholders and the reputation without which its existence is unimaginable.

Therefore, we also invite representatives of other professions, managers, supervisors and regulators to regular professional meetings. We believe that through cooperative and regular dialogue, networking and learning about different aspects and practices, the institute can help to create this key coexistence for the benefit of all stakeholders of the organization, as well as the wider socioeconomic environment.