Compliance Wednesday is a regular virtual professional meeting aimed at exchanging ideas, experiences and knowledge between members of the EICE professional community. Those of you who have been with us for several years will remember the Circles of Trust on which these meetings are based on and upgraded. Compliance Tuesday is scheduled every first Wednesday of the month and encourages further networking of members and strengthening of the community of compliance experts.

The event takes place in a group of 5 registered members, led by a moderator. At the beginning, the moderator suggests some possible topics to which the participants add their suggestions. Topics are addressed in the order in which participants ‘vote’ them. Each topic has limited time for discussion.

At meetings like this so far, we have discussed topics such as:

  • human and other necessary resources for the implementation of the compliance function;
  • how to deal with reports of violations involving senior management;
  • what may be the responsibility of the compliance officer in cases of non-compliance;
  • delimitation and cooperation with other functions;
  • what innovation means in terms of compliance, does it require intolerance towards non-compliance and about other challenges we face when working in the field of compliance.

In recent years we also touched on current issues related to the corona crisis, namely how to implement the remote compliance function, new risks in the new situation, what this new reality means in terms of protecting confidential information, personal data and similar.

Compliance Wednesday also makes it easier for members of the EICE professional community to take the time once a month for optional compliance topics, which broaden their horizons and competencies. Therefore, before each event, we also offer members interesting and current sources for their further thinking.

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