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Applied ethics

At EICE, we have been working on compliance and business ethics since our founding in 2014. In the ethics section we focus on applied ethics, primarily in a business environment. But applied ethics is just as important in other organisations, particularly in the public sector, in higher education, health, the environment, and in public utilities and other public services.

We help you to understand the practical meaning and application of ethical values in your business.

Over the course of eight years of operation and dozens of years of experience of the Institute's staff, we have become skilled in the production and execution of practical programmes in applied ethics (training, consultation and research) for companies in a wide range of industries, for all levels of management and for targeted employee groups.

We help you to articulate and further implement ethical values and principles in a way that supports your organisation's mission and strategy.

In a business environment, it is particularly important that ethical values and principles support the mission and strategy of the company and are an integrated part of the delivery of business objectives as well as day-to-day business practices. We need to be alert to the potential counter-effects of the business objectives and values set; or the perceptions of managers and employees of what the objectives and values require of them.

Through relatively simple workshops and research, we often find that people have very different understandings of the same values, as well as of the same circumstances, and behave differently as a result. It is possible, however, for a company to develop practices and business behaviours that, while uniform on a particular topic, are completely at odds with the ethical standards desired by management, and often completely at odds with the ethical principles that are written down.

Our programmes also include scenarios of different business cases relevant to a particular company or organisation, bringing you closer to the application of ethical principles in real practice. We also talk a lot about challenges, when it is difficult, when there are many obstacles, when in reality we most often fail the ethical test, even though we are good people.

We can introduce you to established approaches to parsing and identifying ethical dilemmas, proven models of ethical decision-making, and practice with you how to solve ethical challenges, including using role-play, group work, etc.

Sometimes companies do not yet have explicitly defined corporate values and principles, no one really knows them or they are not (anymore) appropriate, given the nature of their organisation and work. In such cases, we can help you define or revive them in a way that makes them specific and meaningful for you, your managers and employees.

Culture of Ethics Survey

Whether or not you have explicitly or otherwise defined ethical values and principles for your business, we can work with you to see how the same values that are most important to the company are understood by employees in different situations, whether they have any internal conflicts and, ultimately, how this is reflected in your business practices and potential risks.

Sometimes, even within the same management team, managers have different understandings of the values defined when faced with a specific ethical dilemma and a specific business situation. We can check all this, record it and work with you to create a roadmap for progress.

Communicate the use of ethics (in a useful way)

Most young talents are optimistically looking for ethical work environments and ethical leaders. The fact is, however, that ethical culture creates itself in its own way, unpredictably and perhaps with many anomalies. It is therefore necessary to consciously set up and manage an ethical culture, to nurture it in the same way as it applies to any other sphere of business, from financial, operational to personnel and operational. As with the latter, also for the field of business ethics, we know models of (ethical) decision-making. We can help you learn and use them!

Companies that do a lot in the field of business ethics, raising awareness and educating employees, sometimes do not make good use of the potential of communicating about this to various stakeholders. We can help you present the good practices of applying ethics in business in an appropriate way and, in cooperation with corporate communication experts, also connect them to the positive image of your company internally and externally!

But maybe you have problems, because of one mistake you lost your partner's trust, maybe you got involved in unfavorable procedures? We can help you set up an ethical rehabilitation plan and, with appropriate communication, also convince whoever is necessary that you deserve a new opportunity!

Many partners and rating agencies take ethical considerations and the associated risks of your business into account when they rate you. Various regulators and potential buyers and investors also look at your website for information on how many ethical points you have.

We help you to communicate the ethics you live and use, internally and externally.

Applied ethics

Take us as your partner on this exciting journey of exploring and applying ethics in real practice, and let's do an experiment together!