Expert advice in case of identified irregularities and formal procedures

With the help of specialized, highly educated professionals, with extensive experience in a variety of activities, we are trained to assist the management of the company or other organizations in difficult circumstances related to business compliance, ethical behavior or general culture of integrity in the organization or its work. Even if you have already found yourself in formal proceedings, in addition to legal advocacy, it is helpful to have experts who can carry out internal facilitation and correction activities to assist your internal experts.

Such activities can be of great benefit to you in determining responsibility and imposing sanctions and other control measures.

We can also advise you if you are already facing sanctions or orders from various bodies, regulators, including international institutions.

Compliance management in the event of major changes in your business

In the event of major changes in your business, possible expansion into new markets, outsourcing important activities or establishing relationships with foreign business partners, you will also face new risks to compliance and integrity and be subject to supervision by foreign or international bodies and institutions. In such cases, our highly qualified experts stand by your side to guide you through complex issues and advise you.

Namely, your existing or potential business partners, especially in international relations, constantly monitor you and assess whether you are a suitable contractor, supplier, distributor, etc. For these cases, it can be decisive how in normal situations, as well as in a crisis (related to possible official procedures or public affairs), you accept responsibility for compliant business and ethical standards in your company, how you carry out corrective actions and how you communicate it. International institutions can quickly blacklist you if e.g. you find yourself directly or indirectly in transactions that involve liaising with and influencing foreign officials, which you may not even carry out yourself… unless you have anticipated certain risks and taken appropriate preventive and control measures.

Strengthening competencies in managing compliance and improving ethical culture

On the other hand, your situation may not be as dramatic and you simply need a specialized consultant to support you in establishing a compliance program, assessing and improving the ethical culture in your company, defining the tasks and responsibilities of the compliance officer, or training your internal staff to perform compliance.

We can help you understand what you need to pay attention to as a managing director, board member or supervisory board when monitoring and supervising a compliance program. To this end, we can also help you and your internal team organize compliance and business ethics reporting in your company in a way that has a transparent structure, concrete criteria, and practical and comparative indicators of progress and performance.

If you are interested in what the ethical culture in your company is through tangible measurement and results on paper, we can conduct such research for you. We will also advise you where the opportunities for improvement are and how to achieve the business benefits of a good ethical culture.